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Sale gosse, Stephen King

Sale gosse (Stephen King)

Janet points me to Stephen King’s new short story called Bad Little Kid in English. In French, the title was translated as Sale gosse.

Now that you know what gosse means in both Québec and France, do you think this title would have been chosen by a translator from Québec for readers in Québec? 😉

A “bad little boy” can also be said as méchant petit garçon in French.

For a québécois flavoured title, how about Le ti-cul qui tue? OK, too cutesy…

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Yesterday, on the OffQc Facebook page, I posted this image of a sign seen in the front window of a Tim Hortons restaurant in Montréal.

Boston, on va les manger.

Boston, on va les manger

If you weren’t sure of the meaning of this, you need to know that it refers to two things at once: beignes (donuts) and hockey.

The first meaning is a literal one: eating a donut called the crème Boston in French, or the “Boston creme” in English. This donut is filled with creme in the middle.

The second meaning is an allusion to hockey: that the fans of Montréal’s hockey team (le Canadien) will symbolically eat — and therefore beat — the team from Boston (les Bruins) by eating Boston cremes!

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