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Trottoir barré

You’re walking happily along the street listening to your favourite music.

Suddenly, you’re confronted with a closed sidewalk sign:


So you cross the street and walk on the other side.

A little frustrating in the moment maybe, but you keep on your way. In a few seconds, you won’t even remember that it happened.

Of course, you could choose to stop and get upset about the inconvenience.

But that’s not going to open up the sidewalk for you, and it’ll just slow you down.

The same thing happens with learning a language.

You’re moving forward in French with a swing in your step when you unexpectedly walk into a trottoir barré sign.

Maybe you didn’t understand what someone said. Maybe you forgot some vocabulary. Or maybe you had trouble pronouncing something and felt embarrassed.

Either way, you have a choice — cross the street and forget about it, or stop and get upset.

Which one do you choose?

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