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I went through the last dozen posts on OffQc, pulled out key expressions and vocabulary, then rearranged it all into this dialogue for review. (If you squint your eyes and plug your nose, it almost sounds like a real dialogue, with a surprise ending and all.)

Enweille! Qu’est-ce tu fais? C’est pas l’temps d’niaiser!
J’gratte ma guitare, man…
— Ah, c’est l’fun, hein?
Pas tant qu’ça. J’file pas… J’peux-tu t’bummer une smoke?
— Euh… non.
T’es ben gratteux, toé. Enweille, donne-moé une smoke. J’te niaise pas. J’ai un paquet d’problèmes! Mon restaurant spécialisé en grilled cheese a été vandalisé.
— Ah, ok. Bon ben… c’est pour ici ou pour emporter?
— Quoi?
Tes Timbits, c’est pour manger ici ou pour emporter?
— Ah, ouais… mes Timbits… euh, pour emporter… merci…

— Come on! What’re ya doing? Quit wasting time!
— Strummin’ my guitar, man…
— Ah, that’s fun, huh?
— Not really. I’m not feelin’ good… Can I bum a smoke off ya?
— Uh… no.
— You’re so cheap. Come on, give me a smoke. I’m not kidding. I’ve got a whole bunch of problems! My restaurant specialised in grilled cheese was broken into.
— Ah, ok. Right so… is it for here or to go?
— What?
— Your Timbits, are they for here or to go?
— Oh yeah.. my Timbits… uh, they’re to go… thanks…

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img_20160513_192130.jpgI came across an article in the Montréal edition of the 24 Heures newspaper about an event called la Chasse-Balcon.

Every Friday, a group of musicians come together on the balcony of a different residence to play traditional music for people to come listen and dance to. If you’re interested, there’s a Facebook page for la Chasse-Balcon, and the Chasse-Balcon website is here.

In the 24 Heures article, the organiser of the event (Catherine Planet) is quoted as saying:

On réussit à faire danser tout le monde, je me suis rendu compte qu’un paquet de gens voulait ça.

[Source: «Entrez dans la danse» (Camille Dufétel), 24 Heures Montréal, 13-15 mai 2016, vol. 16, no. 44, p. W20.]

In English: We get everybody dancing [at the Chasse-Balcon events]; I realised that a whole bunch of people wanted it.

Un paquet de gens is a whole bunch of people, loads of people, etc. More generally, un paquet de can be used with anything of which there’s an abundance.

  • un paquet de monde, un paquet de gens, loads of people
  • un paquet de problèmes, a bunch of problems
  • pour un paquet de raisons, for a whole bunch of reasons
  • dire un paquet de niaiseries, to say all kinds of stupid things
  • faire un paquet de commentaires négatifs, to make all kinds of negative comments


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