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Yesterday morning was warm in Montréal, but it was only partly sunny because of the clouds. We can say that it was partiellement ensoleillé.

In the afternoon though, the sun disappeared entirely behind clouds. For the most part, it didn’t come back.

As I walked along the sidewalk, I heard a random bit of conversation.

A woman told a group of men (who I assume she knew through work) that it was a nice day. One of the men didn’t really agree with her…

Elle — Fait beau, hein?

Lui — Mais y’a pas d’soleil!

Elle — Ah! Le verre est à moitié vide!

They all began laughing because he realised that he was indeed being negative. Complain all winter, complain all summer!

un verre à moitié vide
a half-empty glass (negative outlook)

un verre à moitié plein
a half-full glass (positive outlook)

Le verre est à moitié plein / à moitié vide.
The glass is half full / half empty.

Pour toi, le verre est toujours à moitié vide.
For you, the glass is always half empty.

Faut voir le verre à moitié plein!
You gotta see the glass as half full!

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